Crazy Volatile Day – Ends Green

$BB, $GOGO, $TSLA, more…

Today was one of the most volatile days I can remember since I have started trading, and I wasn’t even in $GME! Congrats to those winners, and my condolences to those holding the bag near $160…yikes! I think I have seen other days like today, but it was when I was trading much lower volume, and likely not in as many positions as I am in now. 

I woke up this morning, just like most weekday mornings, around 6am. After waking up, brushing teeth, and settling down I am usually at my computer by 6:15am and I start looking at my holdings in the pre-market as well as my watchlist, and other scans I have running. When the bell rings I watch any stocks that I was only meaning to hold overnight (if I have any), and sell as needed. Then I turn my attention to my swing trades and just monitor them along with my scanners. 

Today however, I woke up to my account up about $3,000 from the previous day! If that had held it would mark the highest single day increase for one account in my trading career. Pretty exciting stuff! Typically if I end the day up $300-500 I am happy, and it wasn’t too many months ago that a $100 day was amazing to me. So of course, I was excited. The market came roaring to life right out the gate. It seemed everything I was holding had gapped up. 

I decided to watch a little while, and then sell 1/4 to 1/2 positions on some stocks. However, the internet had other plans. Schwab Street Smart Edge seemed to be down…NO!!! I logged off, and logged back in. Nope. I quickly turned to Twitter where it seemed Schwab was not the only platform experiencing outages. Meryll Lynch, E-trade, and RH for a moment were having trouble as well. 

I tried the schwab website instead of Street Smart Edge (which is their trading tool I use) – but nope, website wasn’t allowing trades either. AAARGH!

By the time I was finally able to trade, the high of day for most of the stocks had passed. Bummer…and at one point I was only up $100 on the day. Double bummer! I decided to say “Kumbaya” (sp?) and let it go. I kept tabs the remainder of the day as stocks swung wildly. 

By early afternoon (PST) stocks had recovered and stablized. In the end I closed partial positions on $GOGO (25% gain), and partial position on $SOLO (20% gain). The only stock I was able to sell near HOD was $FUBO, but unfortunately it was my smallest position. A win is a win though. 

Through all the volatility I ended the day up $1500 in my IRA, and break even in my brokerage account. Not bad considering the swings. The realized gains from the sales today put me over $5000 in realized gains for the month. That’s a new milestone for me! I think my previous best month was about $2500 in realized gains. Overall I am up about $7500 on the month. 

Today was a rollercoaster ride for sure, made only bad by the fact that I couldn’t sell my positions when stocks were blasting off this morning.  I am still holding some mostly winners, and my few losing positions right now are only down a few percent, with potential for upside. So I am still sitting in a good spot. 

How as your day today?