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DISCLAIMER: My blog is not investment advice. It is intended for educational purposes, and to keep track of my own investments. You should do your own due diligence on investment opportunities and know your risk tolerance. All things which I will explain here. 🙂

My Goal: The purpose of this blog is to track my progress and share my experience with other. Ultimately I hope that my posts can be educational to those starting out. I am not a finance guru. I have never been great with my personal money. I hope that showing that a regular guy like me, with not much financial background, can succeed in the world of trading and investing. All it takes is a little hard work and determination. As I have gotten older I have taught myself to manage money better, get out of debt, and start investing. My journey has just begun, but I hope to bring as many of you along as possible. 

My Experience: I just started my third year of managing my own investment accounts. I swing/day trade in my IRA, and I have a brokerage account for long term investments, as well as the occasional swing trade. My first year investing on my own I jumped right in without really knowing what I was doing. My second year I spent a lot of time (thanks covid) taking classes, and reading books, all while continuing to trade. I adjusted my holdings and strategies as I learned more and more. 

Today I feel like I have a solid foundation under me. I completed the day trading, pro courses, through Warrior Trading. I completed all of the Matthew Kratter courses through Trader University (as well as read all his books), and I joined Art of Trading, and follow along with “Trader Stewie” as he’s know on Twitter. I have also read numerous books and continue to do so in an effort to educate myself as mush as possible. 

Right now I am in the stage where I am finding my own strategies and refining them along the way. I am not looking to reinvent any wheels. There are plenty of tried and true strategies out there. I am just looking to add that little bit of an “edge” that all traders look for moving forward. Long term I hope to have my own courses apart from this website, as well as other resources where you can follow my trades in real time. For now feel free to follow me on social media and bookmark this page.  If there is something you want to learn that I haven’t covered, tweet me @cchapeton or join my Facebook Group to add to the discussion. I also have a Tradingview account and a Stocktwits account @CCinvesting. Happy to have you here!

“Our only options are to be informed, not informed, or misinformed…”

- Thomas Sowell

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